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The purpose of Island Matters is to provide information to its subscribers.  Island Matters‘ objective is for its subscribers to be the best-informed individuals on matters of importance to the Island we love – whether our subscribers live on the Island or have second homes here.  Island Matters‘ purpose is to present 100% fact-based and unbiased knowledge of both Island issues and opportunities. 

Island Matters‘ overarching vision for the City of South Padre Island is to have (1) 100% transparency in government and (2) a family-friendly environment for the Island.  

When one looks around the world, except for the Disney cities, every great tourist destination was first a great place to live for its residents.  Island Matters supports the City of South Padre Island attracting young families and building a strong economy for the Island that is robust all 12 months of the year.

Island Matters, a facts-only, non-profit source of news for the Island

Island Matters wants everyone who cares about our island, especially accountability on our island, to be a reader.  Island Matters will be what SPI residents and non-residents alike will see three days a week.  

As with any news organization, but especially with a non-profit news organization, there is a clear firewall between the organization's publishing (fundraising) side and the editorial side.  Island Matters will continue to be a facts-only source of accountability in local government with all editorial decisions made by island residents.

Our Strength is Our Membership!

As a non-profit, our Members are our primary donors.  Like any island non-profit, Island Matters depends on island residents and property owners to support government transparency and a family-friendly environment, by supporting hyper-local, fact-based, non-profit news.

All our coverage is determined by island residents and property owners.  Please support our efforts by being BOTH a subscriber (free) and a Member (donor).

Recent News

Island Matters

October 08, 2021
McNulty Cuts Off Resident During Public Comments - What happened Community member Randy Algoe was cut off by Mayor Patrick McNulty during the public comment portion of this week’s City Council meeting. "You're done," the mayor said, before signaling police staff to escort Algoe out of City Council chambers. Why it matters Island Matters previously reported that City Councilman Joe Ricco allegedly told a friend of Algoe’s that “He (Algoe) better get it t...

Island Matters

October 04, 2021
Art Space Making SPI A Venue For Creativity By R. Daniel Cavazos - Walk into the South Padre Island Art Space and in seeing all the paintings, crafts, brushes, and fiber and ceramic arts, you get a sense of how it came to be. The space is a joyful one created by the talents of local artists who banded together a decade ago to celebrate community through art. The Island Art Space is a cooperative, the only one of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley. Its members through their dues utilize the...

Island Matters

October 01, 2021
Councilman Responds to Public Complaint - On September 24, Island Matters reported on an accusation made against City Councilman Joseph Ricco. Resident Randy Algoe made a claim during September 14 council meeting where Algoe alleged Ricco approached his friend and told him, "He (Algoe) better get it through his head that he better do whatever we tell him to do or else he will never get anything done in the city again." Algoe did not give the name of who made that alleged comment rega...

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